SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing Workshops

The SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing Initiative is an empirically based workshop series which bolsters participants’ wellbeing through relevant, accessible practices and insights based on the latest findings from the field of Positive Psychology. When your organization participates in the program, you are given access to all seven workshops to use throughout the year. These virtual, asynchronous modules are based on the SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing Model and bolster strengths, optimism, altruism, resilience, healing imagery, positive narrative, and gratitude. No other organization has synthesized such a wide array of relevant findings from wellbeing science into an award-winning, accessible workshop series. This program enhances and elevates a positive culture in long-term care facilities, hospitals, health and human service agencies, and companies.

Each module consists of a 60-minute video, an interactive workbook, and a pay-it-forward project that is donated to a pediatric hospital in your area. Shifts in participant wellbeing as a result of engaging in the workshop are measured through pre- and post-workshop surveys.

Our goal is impact—the greatest impact possible. To learn more, click on the relevant link below and contact us to discuss how your organization will benefit from the SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing Initiative.

5,000 Johnson & Johnson employees around the world participated in the Soaringwords' SOARING into Growth Mindset workshop.

Each workshop features the latest scientific discoveries from internationally recognized Positive Psychology experts, including Dr. Richard Tedeschi, expert on post-traumatic growth; Dr. Angela Duckworth on resilience; Dr. Ryan Niemiec on character strengths; and Dr. Kristin Neff on self-compassion. Soaringwords CEO & Founder Lisa Honig Buksbaum hosts the workshops, guiding you through interactive exercise and opportunities to practice the learnings and new skills.

No other organization has synthesized such a wide array of relevant findings from wellbeing science into an award-winning, accessible workshop series.

Virtual or in-person workshops for thousands of participants

Opening session, European Conference on Positive Psychology 2022

Our offerings

Award-winning scientifically-based virtual workshops to enhance physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing

SOARING into Strengths

Identify your signature strengths, learn to strength spot in others, and discover how to distinguish between a Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset.

SOARING Into Optimism

Learn how to cultivate an Optimistic Explanatory Style to experience more micro-moments of joy, self-compassion, and happiness.

SOARING Into Altruism

Enhance wellbeing by exploring how doing something kind without the expectation of receiving anything in return gives a powerful sense of self-efficacy.

SOARING into Resilience

Strengthen your mental agility, coping skills, and grit by harnessing your inner resources during difficult times in order to bolster your ability to persevere.

SOARING Into Healing Imagery

Tap into your inner knowledge and knowingness. Learn how to access internal clarity and guidance with powerful easy-to-use visualizations.

SOARING Into Positive Narrative

Learn how to become the hero of your life. Telling your story helps you better reflect your values, leading to significant health benefits.

SOARING into Gratitude

Explore the benefits of gratitude on your wellbeing, relationships, and community. Integrate four of the most impactful gratitude exercises into your life.

Proven Workshop Components:

Findings from the latest scientific studies show that, when people can learn to take active roles in their self-healing, they can experience greater wellbeing. The SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing workshop series is designed to motivate, teach, and inspire participants on how to experience the “power to heal” that resides within them.

Professional Presentations:
Participants will learn from compelling, easy-to-understand video presentations, approximately 60 minutes long. Each topic covers practical, simple concepts with engaging footage and graphics that support key points. The SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing workshops do not employ scientific jargon and can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and professions. This comprehensive approach motivates everyone to take active roles in self-healing in order to experience greater physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
Access to Relatable Experts:
Learn from a compelling, easy-to-understand virtual video presentation, featuring healing tools from internationally recognized Positive Psychology experts who are approachable, likable, credible, and communicate cultural competency and humility. Discover the latest findings from Positive Psychology to help you experience greater wellbeing. Each workshop is led by your host Lisa Honig Buksbaum, Soaringwords CEO & Founder, Positive Psychology thought leader, President-elect of the International Positive Psychology Association Health & Wellbeing Division. Each workshop features the research of leading experts including Dr. Richard Tedeschi (Post-Traumatic Growth); Dr. Angela Duckworth (Resilience); Dr. Kristin Neff (Self-Compassion); Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar (Optimism); Dr. Dan Tomasulo (Hope and Gratitude); Dr. Madan Kataria (Laughter); Dr. Jane Dutton (Altruism); and Emily Esfahani Smith (Meaning).
Reinforcing Key Concepts:
Today, hundreds of compelling workshops exist for people who seek enhanced well-being. Unfortunately, within days or weeks, even with the best intentions, most people have difficulty changing their thoughts and actions based on these newfound insights and the desire to change. This is why Soaringwords has created companion, immersive workbooks filled with Appreciative Inquiry prompts to allow them to internalize essential concepts and key learnings. Attendees will also benefit from Soaringwords’ comprehensive Positive Dose Effect follow-up system where participants are sent short, weekly video email reminders to reinforce and practice what they learned.
Pay-It-Forward Projects:
To further reinforce the learnings, participants are invited to create an expressive arts/writing project that will be donated to hospitalized children in their local area. These quick and easy altruistic projects engender community pride and tremendous goodwill, giving participants a profound sense of agency, meaning, purpose, and joy.
Empirical Research and Measurement:
The impact of the SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing workshop series is measured empirically through simple pre- and post-workshop surveys that reflect the change in each participant’s well-being.
SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing Scientific Model

All Soaringwords’ workshops and trainings are based on the SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing scientific model, which has been presented at 16 international scientific conferences. The award-winning model consists of seven foundational Positive Psychology principles:

SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing Model                            
Creating shifts in one’s mind, body, relationships, and overall wellbeing.
Choosing to look towards the good, even when times are difficult or painful, with hopeful expectation that things will be good in the future.
Building community by giving to others without expectation of return.
Bouncing forward through challenges.
Connecting to your inner self through reflection.
Sharing the power of positive storytelling.
Noticing and appreciating the good things in and around you.
Soaringwords’ unique approach was codified in 2013 as a new scientific model which has been tested among hundreds of patients in the U.S.

Pre- and post-workshop survey data for the SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing workshop series captures qualitative and quantitative shifts in wellbeing.

Shifts in participant wellbeing are measured through surveys based on the SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing Model, designed by Dr. Margaret Kern, expert on wellbeing measurement creation.

A pre-program survey is given at the beginning of the workshop series. Participants complete follow-up surveys at the completion of each module, with a final survey given at the conclusion of the program. The results are aggregated to measure meaningful shifts in wellbeing and qualitative and quantitative data are shared in an Executive Summary.

Soaringwords provides turn-key wellbeing solutions and programs for companies, educational institutions, and health care systems around the world.

This accessible, user-friendly platform has been embraced by companies and community organizations to benefit people at the most vulnerable times in their lives when they are grappling with a wide range of challenges.

Soaringwords is highly rated and benchmarked by several Fortune 50 companies and has completed successful initiatives for health care professionals and educators around the world.

The virtual workshops have created substantive change in communities including Silicon Valley, Tampa Bay, and Jersey City when Soaringwords was selected as the mental health component as part of the World Economic Forum's Healthy Cities Initiative launch.

professionals at Fortune 500 companies

Soaringwords’ award-winning employee-engagement initiatives have been shared with more than 150,000 professionals at Fortune 500 companies including Accenture, Meta, Google, JetBlue, Johnson & Johnson, Lilly, Viacom, and Verizon.

Jersey City Health & Human Services Leadership Testimonials
SOARING into Strength: Silicon Valley Year-Long Initiative
SOARING into Strength: Silicon Valley Year-Long Initiative was launched in Silicon Valley in October 2020. Over the course of one year, 23 virtual workshops were shared with hundreds of participants. This is what participants had to say about the workshops.
SOARING into Strength: Jersey City Health & Human Services employee testimonials
Jersey City was the launch city for the World Economic Forum Healthy Cities Initiative. Soaringwords workshops were the mental health component. This is what Jersey City Health & Human Services Staff had to say about the workshops
Linda Ivory-Green, Director, Jersey City Division of Community Health and Wellness
My staff as health educators were able to build their capacity to engage the community on a more intimate level, more efficiently and effectively, while learning communication skills. They were better able to have self-confidence in going out and educating the community on all the various health issues Soaringwords workshops took the staff to a whole different level with self-confidence, building trust amongst themselves and within the groups.
Paul Bellan-Boyer, Director, Jersey City Division of Injury Prevention
We needed to work better as a team, to understand each other, communicate, and trust each other’s experience. We didn’t know that the Soaringwords trainings also would be a lot of fun. And we didn’t know that it was preparing us to respond to a mass shooting and that we were developing skills for a pandemic that would demand new levels of commitment, at the same time we needed new ways of working together to serve the residents of our beloved city.
Stacey Flanagan, Director, Jersey City Health and Human Services
In 2019, the city of Jersey City was selected as a pilot city for the World Economic Forum’s health cities and communities 2030 campaign. … We invited Soaringwords to be one of our partners in the effort so that we could continue to work on mental health together. Making sure that our staff really understands diversity and has a heightened level of cultural sensitivity, understanding, and competency is really at the forefront of our work around health... Read more

Soaringwords has collaborated with Viacom since 2005

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