My Brother’s Synchronistic Messages From the Other Side

Published: May 26, 2023
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Sometimes relationships evolve in unusual and synchronistic ways. Although this Saturday marks the 25th anniversary of my brother Gary’s sudden death, I’ve continued to experience his presence over the years in powerful, unexpected ways during many significant moments.

Synchronicity is defined as the simultaneous occurrence of events, which appear significantly related but have no discernable causal connection. Perhaps you’ve thought about a nostalgic song that you hadn’t thought of for years and suddenly you hear it on the radio. Maybe you have a thought or feeling about a person and then you run into them. Synchronicity is something that is universally experienced and, more recently, people are starting to share synchronicity stories. There are many scientifically measured benefits to embracing synchronistic practices when someone is “open to being open.” 

So, here are some spontaneous, lovely messages from my brother Gary to me which I share to bring you hope and possibility. 

Small, specific unexplainable things started appearing in front of my eyes two weeks ago beginning on the morning of my younger son’s graduation from medical school. While I was getting dressed for the ceremony, I opened up a credenza in my bedroom when suddenly my son’s treasured Fluffy the Seal tumbled to the floor. This well-worn stuffed animal was a gift from Gary when Josh was born, and it was a constant companion throughout Josh’s babyhood. Josh and his seal were inseparable. Because this was such a meaningful memento of my son’s first years of life and my brother’s love, I’ve kept Fluffy on the back of the shelf where he’s been immobile for the past 20 years. Until the morning of Josh’s graduation when he tumbled down to say hello and congratulations.

The synchronicities continued from there. Heart shaped objects have been a synchronistic symbol of Gary’s presence in my life. Over the past few days leading up to the 25th anniversary of his death, I’ve encountered a series of heart-shaped items strewn across the New York City sidewalks, in elevators, and in found objects. 

The first day I encountered a small red heart on the sidewalk and said, “Thanks, I appreciate it!”

The next day I found a tissue shaped in a heart on the floor of my elevator.

The third day revealed a two of hearts playing card when I stepped onto the street. My friend Terri noted, “It wasn’t the eight or 10 of hearts. It was the two of hearts, signifying the special sibling bond the two of you shared.”

On the fourth day, someone’s coffee spilled all over the sidewalk into the shape of a heart.

Later, a lovely heart-shaped leaf floated into my path.

And then I discovered a crumbled, mushed up straw shaped like (you guessed it) another heart on the sidewalk.

May you walk through the world to behold a sense of awe and wonder.

I’m sending you strength and love.


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