Soaringwords May Newsletter: SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing

Published: May 18, 2023
Category: Newsletters


What does it mean to go the distance? How far will you go to transform your dreams into reality? And, in this rapidly-changing environment, what does it mean to be nimble and tenacious? Since 2000, I’ve devoted my time to inspiring more than 500,000 people to take active roles in their self-healing in order to experience greater physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. In this month’s newsletter, I am pleased to introduce you to a new, streamlined program from Soaringwords: the SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing workshop series. The time is now to live your best possible life. Let’s set up some time to explore how to SOAR into strength together.
I’m sending you strength and love.
Soaringwords is the power to heal!


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