Lisa Honig Buksbaum

CEO & Founder, Soaringwords
CEO & Founder, Flow Motion Productions

Recognized as a positive psychology thought leader and social entrepreneur, Lisa has consulted numerous client organizations on their strategic branding needs.

At the beginning of her career, Lisa was an award-winning advertising executive, managing leading brands including Lipton Tea, Dannon Yogurt, and Colgate Toothpaste. Since 2000, she has devoted her energies to launching and leading Soaringwords, a global not-for-profit organization that has helped more than 500,000 individuals to take active roles in their self-healing.

As an intuitive healer, she coaches individuals and families in her private imagery practice. After having the privilege of meeting thousands of hospitalized individuals in the midst of medical crises, Lisa began to share intuitive healing imagery exercises with them and their families. Following a strong, positive response to these encounters, Lisa began offering one-on-one sessions.

About Lisa

Lisa is a passionary: a visionary driven by great passion and action.

An intuitive healer, well-loved inspirational speaker, expert workshop leader and facilitator, Lisa has shared her wisdom with thousands of people throughout the world. As the founder of Flow Motion Productions, Lisa leads individuals, families, teams, and organizations to articulate, envision, and realize their purposes and goals.

Three experiences with death and illness in her family during a ten-month period motivated her to launch Soaringwords, a not-for-profit organization devoted to inspiring people to take active roles in self-healing

Since 2000, Lisa has shared Soaringwords’ SOARING Into Positive Wellbeing Initiative with more than 500,000 people who have experienced greater physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing as a result of participating in Soaringwords’ programs.

Opening session, European Conference on Positive Psychology 2022

After collaborating with 196 hospitals around the world and personally meeting thousands of people experiencing illness, trauma, and setbacks, Lisa launched Flow Motion as a way to work with individuals, families, and professional teams who are seeking to overcome obstacles in order to navigate and strategize the next steps of their lives or projects.

As a young child, Lisa had many synchronistic experiences where she had a “knowingness” and was able to help other people who were experiencing illness or traumas. As an adult, she studied with Dr. Gerald Epstein, Director of the American Institute of Mental Imagery (AIMI), to hone her intuitive healing abilities. To date, she has helped hundreds of individuals and their families through healing imagery sessions to guide them in the midst of medical challenges, trauma, or the death of loved ones. Lisa has served as a Death Doula, helping individuals make the transition in a dignified and healing manner

As a businesswoman and marketer, Lisa began her career working at leading international advertising agencies including Ogilvy; Young & Rubicam; and Interpublic Group. Lisa managed advertising and communications plans for Lipton Tea, Dixie Plates, Blockbuster Video, and Take Our Children to Work Day. After distinguishing herself and building a strong following of grateful clients, Lisa launched Boxtree Communications, an award-winning marketing company that specialized in launching new products for distinguished companies including Dannon Yogurt, JP Morgan Chase, Avon and AXA/Equitable.

Lisa graduated with honors from The University of Pennsylvania, holds an MBA in Marketing from Columbia University Graduate School of Business, and a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from The University of Pennsylvania.

She has a certificate in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and a certificate from the American Institute for Mental Imagery. Lisa is President of the International Positive Psychology Association’s Positive Health and Wellbeing Division and is on the Board of Directors for the Coincidence Project. She’s been featured as an expert on ABC News, Fortune Small Business, USA Today, Delta Sky magazine, and CEO to Watch in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Lisa was a contributor for Positive Psychology News Daily and was a columnist for She was the non-celebrity winner for the Lives That Make a Difference Award from A&E Television Networks, and won a National Mothering That Works Award from Working Mother Media. She was inducted into the YMCA Academy of Women Achievers Hall of Fame.

She was on the board of Advertising Women of New York, the leading organization for executive women in communications; board of directors of The New York Women’s Agenda; board of the Alumnae Committee for Columbia University Graduate School of Business; and the advisory board for the Center for Business Womens’ Research in Washington D.C.

Lisa has been a keynote speaker, moderator, and panelist at dozens of professional and scientific conferences including:

  • International Positive Psychology Association (2023, 2021, 2019, 2015, 2013),
  • European Positive Psychology Conference (2022, 2018, 2016, 2014),
  • Canadian Positive Psychology Conference (2018, 2016, 2014),
  • International Positive Education Network (2018, 2016),
  • The Wholebeing Institute Well-Being Conference (2017).

Additionally, in 2021, Lisa was keynote speaker for two workshops at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference and a workshop at the Global Positive Health Initiative inaugural conference.

Scholar in residence at Tecmilenio, Mexico.

Lisa has led workshops as a Scholar-in-Residence and at Grand Rounds at leading universities, medical schools, and nursing schools, including University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, UVA School of Medicine, UVA School of Nursing, New York University, Columbia University, Tecmilienio University in Mexico, and Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan.

She has spoken at Advertising Women of New York, 100 Women in Hedge Funds, MGM Grand Women of Color Conference, and Working Mother Media Diversity & Inclusion Conference.

Keynote in Kyoto, Japan

Global SOARING into Innovation workshop for 5,000 Johnson & Johnson employees worldwide

Lisa has led professional development workshops at dozens of Fortune 50 companies including:

Lisa lives in New York City with her husband Jacob. Her pride and joy are her two grown sons Jonathan and Joshua, daughter-in-law Evelyn, and adorable grandbaby Charlotte. She gets her energy from swimming each day and connecting with people in fun and meaningful ways. Lisa is the author of SOARING Into Strength: Love Transcends Pain, her memoir of overcoming challenges in order to thrive.

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Flow Motion Productions®

The Importance of Flow

Flow is the life force that constantly propels us forward even without us needing to “do” anything. Flow is the natural state of being free and unencumbered. When we are in FLOW, things are easy. In Flow, we lose track of time as we loosen the hold of things we think we “should” be doing, thinking, feeling, or saying. Instead, Flow allows us to dive into a stream of possibility where we will be carried effortlessly to wisdom, clarity, and knowingness that resides inside. Motion is about growth, movement, connection, and possibility. Motion is a desire to stretch and blossom, instead of being stuck in entrenched, habitual ways that perhaps no longer serve us.

Like an interconnected river, Flow Motion Productions® has multiple branches to help people accomplish significant endeavors. Flow Motion’s services are in two divisions:
Strategic Services
  • Mission/purpose statement development
  • Launch plans for new endeavors, companies, products, or books.
  • Communications: Including advertising, social media, public relations, thought leadership, and strategic alliances
Transformative Healing Services
  • Healing Imagery sessions for individuals
  • Healing Imagery sessions for your team and organization
  • Healing Imagery sessions for your family

Are you looking to get your brand to the next level of success?

Lisa Buksbaum has won dozens of awards including the Lives That Make a Difference Award from A&E Television Networks; YMCA National Academy of Women Achievers; Growing with Technology award from Cisco; delegate for the White House Initiative for Small Business Owners; and the New Jersey Governor’s award for a national poster contest to build awareness and equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

When you’re ready to jumpstart your idea, brand, or organization, we are delighted to speak with you.

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What are Healing Imagery Exercises?

Mental imagery is a process in which the mind thinks in pictures or images. By going inward, we can separate ourselves from the outward stimuli and sensory overload that often accompany illness, trauma, or setbacks.

Taking a few minutes to do mental imagery gives us the opportunity to shift our attention by tapping into the five most significant inner dimensions of our lives: emotional, physical, mental, social, and moral. This shift enables us to momentarily detach from fear, anxiety, pain, and suffering in order to connect us with the quiet knowledge and insight that gives us an immediate sense of balance, calm, and wholeness.

Here’s an example of 12-year-old Gabby demonstrating the healing imagery that she and her mother did each morning and night throughout her cancer treatments:

Flow Motion Healing Imagery sessions will teach you how to incorporate simple, positive imagery into your personal and professional life. You will come away from each session having experienced powerful imagery exercises that will benefit you, your family, friends, and co-workers.

Flow Motion Healing Imagery sessions do not employ medical jargon and can be enjoyed by adults of all ages, children, and teens—inviting everyone to take an active role in healing to develop their own sense of self-worth and belonging. Clients are invited to record the imagery session for personal use, practicing the skills learned in order to experience continued growth.

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Lisa leading a SOARING into Imagery workshop at the Kripalu Center with Megan McDonough, founder of the Wholebeing Institute.

Lisa with her teacher and mentor Dr. Gerald Epstein, world renowned imagery expert and the founder of the American Institute of Mental Imagery.

What are the Physical Benefits of Healing Imagery?

Mental imagery is a healing practice that has been used for thousands of years. There is significant scientific research that demonstrates the relationship between the mental act of imagery with biological and physiological changes in the body. The simple act of closing your eyes and focusing on your breath alters your body chemistry by reducing stress hormones and ridding your body of toxins. The best athletes and performers in the world use mental imagery to achieve peak performance and confidence. So can you.

Here’s the best part: The more you practice healing imagery, the more it reduces stress and distractions, allowing you to get into a state of flow and relaxation which allows your body to heal.

How Does Imagery Reduce the Impact of Illness and Stress?

Healing Imagery provides a deep well-spring of insight and answers from YOU: the only true authority on the subject.

Illness often causes a lot of stress and takes a physical, emotional, and mental toll on individuals and their family and friends. Illness often makes people feel diminished and overwhelmed. You can see the impact that illness has on you or someone you love, feel the tension and stress from invasive treatment, and hear strange noises and beeping machines in the hospital. All of these things have the potential to bombard our senses and diminish our well-being. Healing Imagery helps you take a break, and it is easy to do. Doing healing imagery exercises does not take a lot of time, and you can shift energy immediately.

In fact, most healing imagery exercises take less than a few minutes. Even though you are doing these healing exercises in your mind, you can feel a positive change in your emotions and in your body. Remember, your body wants to heal. Healing imagery exercises are designed to help people connect with their inner resources and bring about feelings of serenity, strength, and wellness. You’ll find the imagery exercises comforting and relaxing. And you’ll soon discover that, when you are open to healing imagery, it transfers the power away from the illness and gives the power back to you. Imagery exercises work beautifully for children, teens, and adults of all ages who want to reconnect with their own deep inner resources of strength in order to be able to effectively take care of a loved one and themselves. Healing Imagery is also helpful when you are at a crossroads in your life, perhaps when you are feeling stuck or confused about which direction to take.

Just One Thing:
Imagery only works when you are “open to being open.”
We’d love to hear from you!

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Laura, New York City
My mother died when I was in the first grade. I’ve carried the loss and trauma for decades. Working with Lisa, I reconnected with my mother in a natural, beautiful, life-affirming imagery where my mother commented on my long hair, much different than the pixie haircut I sported as a child. Now, every night when I brush my hair, I imagine my mother sitting next to me as I talk about my day. This imagery helped me reimagine my relationship with my mother and...
Angie, New York City
I was experiencing general aches and pains throughout my body and Lisa invited me to book a healing imagery session. It was fun, quick, and informative. I felt as if I was having a conversation with my body instead of simply being angry or frustrated at the hurt and pain—emotions which always make me feel much worse. From the imagery session, I learned how to soothe myself and to listen to the internal clues about what my body needs. During one of the...
Pamela & Marta, Lima, Peru
My mother is the most positive person I know. She runs a not-for-profit organization and is always helping others. A few months ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and it knocked her out. Lisa did a healing imagery session with us on Skype and my mother perked up immediately. My mother imagined fluffy adorable bunnies nibbling at the cancer and used this imagery each morning and night for the next three months to take an active role in her recovery....
Stuart, New York City
I run a successful production company. I do not have any time for illness to slow me down. I am also a huge fan of action-adventure experiences, a thrill-seeker as it were. A close childhood friend insisted that I meet with Lisa before going in for colorectal surgery to remove cancer. Lisa is funny, understated, and smart. She knew just how to get me to shut up so that I could focus on doing the imagery instead of taking over the session. She suggested three...
Pat, New Jersey
After my wife and daughter died within a year of each other, I was struggling with powerful and painful memories. I was plagued with needing to know that they still existed and that they still were able to know what I was doing, specifically how much I still love and miss them. Lisa led me on an imagery exercise where my wife and I were walking along the shore, our arms wrapped around each other as we walked along the beach. Afterwards Lisa asked me to recap...
Michael, New York City
I worked in the hard-charging, fast-paced world of finance. For a few months, I experienced pain in my lower back that finally motivated me to go to the doctor. An MRI confirmed a serious situation with my kidney. In only one session, Lisa helped me get in touch with my kidneys and my inner-knowledge about the situation. I got clarity about why my kidneys were acting up and the imagery showed me how to communicate with them. I felt warmth radiating from my...
Kate, Colorado
I was putting the finishing touches on my latest book when I received a cancer diagnosis that only one hospital in the world knew how to treat. I firmly believe that one reason I came through five weeks of radiation and chemo treatment with minimal side effects was thanks to Lisa’s healing imagery exercises. These exercises helped me tap into my inner self. Working together with Lisa, we experienced a rainbow, which created an opening for healing. Almost...
Elizabeth, The Bronx
I am married to a person with substance abuse issues. I am an adult child of an alcoholic father. When I met Lisa, I was feeling depressed and lost. In fact, I was contemplating ending it. In just one imagery session, she helped me reconnect with my core values and remember who I am. I was able to re-establish a connection to myself by shining a light on my inner strength and spirit. Working with the imagery gave me an immediate way to change the way I felt...
Susie, Jerusalem, Israel
In life, there are no “accidents.” I discovered Lisa the day after my husband Alan was given an inoperable cancer diagnosis. She met with me the following day to do our first imagery session together. Throughout the summer, she became a welcome and valued member of our “care-team.” Lisa gently guided us through imagery exercises in our home, on the phone, and in the hospital. Our grown children participated in imagery sessions, fortifying each of us...
Robin, New York City
As a parent, I think it’s stressful to know when to push and when to pull back. It’s a complicated dance, especially when my child has unique learning challenges. Lisa helped both of us learn how to use healing imagery to learn how to feel calm instead of getting triggered, which always leads to shouting and bad feelings for me and my child. I can use the imagery whenever I feel overwhelmed. And I can remind my child to use the imagery to help him regain...
J.R., New York City
I am kind-of hard on myself—especially when I have tests and with my grades. Even though I work hard, I pile on the pressure. Doing imagery has helped me relax. I am learning to relax before exams. It was fun and cool to do the imagery. It’s a skill that will help me in school and in life.
Park, New York City
My hands were crippled with excruciating pain. Simple tasks of daily living—such as buttoning my shirt, opening a door, or driving—were extremely challenging. When I met Lisa, I told her about my condition and she said, if I was open to working together, we could easily shift the energy. Within two hours, the pain subsided and did not return. We had the session on a bench in Central Park overlooking the gazebos and lake. I had a sense of calm and...
Brad, New York City
For years, I suffered from anxiety that prevented me from leaving my home except to run to doctor’s appointments or to the pharmacy. Working on the phone, I ran a consulting business from my home office, but my life was impossible whenever I was not “working.” I lived in fear and isolation. After a close friend insisted I meet with Lisa, we started working together with great success. Lisa is an intuitive healer who knows what I am thinking before I do....
Beth, New York
When I broke my ankle, I felt overwhelmed. Temporarily disabled, I could not drive for eight weeks. So, I needed help to do everything at my company and could not fulfill all the responsibilities getting my three children to all their after-school commitments. I wanted this annoying problem to go away and, as I became angrier at the injured ankle, the pain noticeably increased. Lisa helped me create a healing imagery exercise in minutes. I saw my ankle as a...
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